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WETA recognizes the value of excellence in service and believes that when colleagues recognize the professionalism in their fellow colleagues, everyone benefits.

Art Besse Pioneer Award

As WETA's highest honor, the Art Besse Pioneer Award was created in honor of its namesake, Art Besse, a founding member of WETA and a great humanitarian. He served the people of Wisconsin during a long and successful career with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

The Art Besse Pioneer Award recognizes individuals whose achievements and excellence in the field of employment and training during a sustained career in the industry have made a profound impact on the lives of others.

Employment and Training Administration Excellence Award

Nominees for this award must be an administrator, supervisor, coordinator, project director, planner, or hold another administrative position with an organization that provides employment and training services at any level. 

Employer Excellence in Promoting Diversity Award

Nominees for this award must be an employer that operates in Wisconsin and be nominated by a WETA member. The nomination should be based on the employer's contributions to expanding respect for diversity in the workplace and demonstrating this by hiring, training, and retaining a diverse workplace.

Employment and Training Staff Excellence Award

Nominees for this award must be a non-administrative staff person who works directly with clients/customers or who supports the staff members who work directly with clients/customers. 

The nominee does not have to be a WETA member but must be nominated by a WETA member.

Past Scholarship & Award Winners

2019 Scholarship & Award Winners

Employment & Training Staff Excellence Award - Kaela Kramer

John Brasch's Memorial Scholarship - Sarah H

President's Award - Lisa Matijevich

Superhero Award - Myron Daubert

2018 Scholarship & Award Winners

Dennis Harmon Memorial Scholarship - Dena Daentl

John Brasch Memorial Scholarship - Noel J

Art Besse Pioneer Award - Sherlyn Kleinow

Employment & Training Staff Excellence Award - Nikki Holder

Employment & Training Administration Award - Kathleen Olson

Kaleidoscope Business Excellence Award - Marvel Brown with UW Health

Master Re-imagining & Retooling Specialist Award - Maurice Sprewer

2017 Scholarship & Award Winners 

Dennis Harmon Memorial Scholarship - Crystal W

John Brasch Memorial Scholarship - Kendra S

John Brasch Memorial Scholarship - Komlanvi K

Art Besse Pioneer Award - Dave Shaw

Employment & Training Staff Excellence Award - Angela O'Day

Employment & Training Administration Award - Heath Bierman

Kaleidoscope Excellence Award - Sharon Wilcox

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