WETA Committees

Do you want to be more involved with WETA?  The WETA Board has a number of standing Committees that report to the board.  All members are eligible to join a committee.  If you are interested, please email the committee chair.  We would love to add you to our professional team. 



The Administrative Committee reviews and maintains the association's by-laws and administrative processes to ensure compliance while preparing amendments for board approval.   

The current chair is: Lacey Piekarski

Awards & Scholarships

The Awards and Scholarships committee identifies and defines awards and scholarships to be presented during the year.  They also determine the process of selection for deserving candidates and awards these scholarships.

The current chair is: Carrie Schneider

Conference Planning

The Conference Planning Committee is chaired by the President-Elect and is responsible for planning of the annual conference.  Several sub-committees fall within the Conference Planning Committee. 

The current chair is: Nicci Pagan


This committee oversees WETA's finances to ensure accordance, sustainability,and transparency of WETA funds at all times.

The current chair is: Tony Veeder

Website & Visibility

This committee is responsible for the communications and marketing of the WETA website and other social media platforms providing relevant and timely communications to our members and community partners. 

The current chair is: Megan Stanchik


This committee identifies additional training opportunities and needs for job seekers in Wisconsin, outside of the annual conference. 

The current chair is: Nicci Pagan
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